Saturday, June 05, 2004


is an audio journal of poetry
that hopes to appear annually

NOW AVAILABLE at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco

For a copy of the debut CD, send $11 TO
POBox 22521
Philadelphia, PA 19110

For information on the artists please e-mail the editors at


1: Whip & I Feel Tractor: Untitled
Poem by Kevin Opstedal. Performed by: Whip: acoustic guitar, vocals, piano; Leslie Bernstein: drums, vocals; Ben Malkin: electric, acoustic guitar, vocals; Edmund Berrigan: electric guitar, vocals

2: Caroline Bergvall: Ambient Fish

3: Alice Notley: c. '81

4: Gil Ott: The Moon Does Not Run On Gasoline

5: Gil Ott: Stingere

6: Frank Sherlock (music by Alex Welsh): Elementals with a Suggestion

7: Alan Gilbert and Jason Forrest (Donna Summer): Another Love TKO

8: Michael Gizzi: 4 poems from McKenna's Antennas

9: Molly Russakoff: Abnormal Psychology

10: Ange Mlinko: Poem Bejeweled with Proper Nouns

11: Jenn McCreary: Sheltered from a doctrine of signatures

12: I Feel Tractor: Woods

13: Jeni Olin: My Boyfriend the Infidel

14: Jeni Olin: The Para-Olympic Legacy

15: Aaron Kunin: The Sore Throat

16: Eileen Myles: Orleans

17: Jennifer Coleman: Coney Island

18: Tom Devaney: The Rat and the Flowerpot

19: Edwin Torres: Liberal Beste; music by Crunchberry Smoke; Paul Opperman, guitar; Fred Stesney, bass; Edwin Torres, keyboard; mixed at Twist Studios, NYC.

20: hassen: Digging a Hole to China

21: hassen: Before the World

22: Ethel Rackin: I Keep Jumping into Titles

23: Chris McCreary: Labyrinths

24: Greg Fuchs: Rock the Drug Laws

25: I Feel Tractor: Blue Heron

26-30: FEATURED POET Douglas Oliver, 5 poems from The Shattered Crystal

We'd like to dedicate this, our first issue, to the memory of Douglas Oliver, the featured reader on this disc, who died in the spring of 2000. Thanks to Anselm Berrigan for lending us his recordings of Douglas and to Alice Notley for giving us permission to use them.

We are sorry to note that Gil Ott passed away during the preparation of this CD, but we feel fortunate to be able to share his voice with you. Our condolences to his wife Julia, and daughter, Willa.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make the CD possible, especially Buck Downs, kari edwards, Susan Maynard, Bill Corbett, George Logan at In the Night Studios, Molly at Molly's Bookstore in Philly for letting us hold a fundraiser, Frank Sherlock who let us hold a fundraiser at his La Tazza Poetry series, and to all the people who sent us subscriptions ahead of time.

If you would like to have your work considered for an upcoming issue, please send a recording on an audio CD or standard cassette tape to:

POBox 22521
Philadelphia, PA 19110


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